We hold meetings on site or at a venue.


We obtain quotes free of charge for day to day works.


Free of charge.


We provide a monthly report to all or selected members of the Executive Committee.


We have debt collectors that handle arrears, through letters and court proceedings Costs incurred are passed onto the lot.


We endeavour to get back to you in 24hrs and communication is by phone or email and letters.


We post out a laminated emergency contacts list on management commencement, to be displayed on the notice board. For holiday periods we send out a list to the Executive and have numbers recorded on the phone, for incoming calls.


We have out of office support via accountant firms and lawyers that we can call on at various times. Our in house staff receives regular training via seminars / courses.


We provide levy one month prior to due date and you can pay by: cheque, at the post office or by mailing it, on the internet, by B-pay, and a credit card.


Do you charge for advertising a property for lease?

No, there is no extra charge for any advertising that is carried out in order to find tenants for a vacant property.

How often do you do a physical inspection?

The property is inspect once a year and feed back is given to the landlord, advising them if anything needs attention or if the rent should be increased or not.

Do you charge for the statements that you send out at tax time, that assist with income tax returns?

No, there is no extra charge for the end of financial year statements, this service is included in the basic management fee.

What kind of checks do you carry out on potential tenants prior to signing them on the lease, to make sure that they are appropriate for the property?

We ask for two personal references, current and previous employer, current and previous agent/owner references. We also request 100 points of ID from each applicant.

Do you carry out all repairs that are requested or do you have some kind of system where you ask for the owners approval first?

We arrange repairs up to a cost limit that is agreed with the owner, anything over this limit requires prior approval from the owner. If an owner prefers to carry out work, we could contact them first. For larger jobs, we arrange for two quotes which are forwarded to the owner for approval.

Frequently Asked Questions